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The new edition of magazine I'm editing, the "Digest for the Oncologist", offers exclusive stories about multiple myeloma, the latest congress news for oncologists, expert opinions on treatment developments, and intriguing patient interviews.

I have collaborated with a number of talented writers from all over the world on this issue: the US, UK, South Africa, Croatia, and India.

The latest issue of the quarterly magazine I edit, "Digest for the Oncologist", again has a number of intriguing articles about groundbreaking cancer research and patient stories. 


Catchy artwork for my first novel in the "Jack Slade" series, ain't it? Awfully proud to have been asked by the publishers to join their ranks of western novelists. 

Not only is BASTEI a broad-based media group with annual sales of € 100 million, it is also the only publishing house that runs a stagecoach line to all news stands in the German speaking countries to deliver a weekly western novel.

I've always been a sucker for horse opera!

This Jerry Cotton novel now hit the newsstands and is also available as ebook.


Mighty glad to be part of the Jerry Cotton universe, the most commercially successful crime novel series in the German-speaking world with a total circulation of about 850 million copies.


But it's not just that: in Jerry Cotton's world, week after week the good guys still win. It kinda gives this writer a good feeling to know he helps 'em come out on top. 


This US-Publication has a worldwide readership. The editors of the "Official John Wayne Collector's Magazine" asked me to create an article about movie locations that have a significant meaning both in American history as well as in John Wayne's movie career.

I had the valuable support of State Parks officials of Yuma Territorial Prison, Hawaiian Historical Society, Sequoia National Forest, Ghost Town of Bodie, as well as the Museum of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.


Saddle up and get yours here, pilgrim:




Gag-Autor für verschiedene Comedians, Sketch-Schreiber für "Edelmais", 9 Jahre als Inputter von Giacobbo/Müller und Stammautor der ältesten Satire-Zeitschrift der Welt: des "Nebelspalters". 


Drehbuchautor für Schweizer Filmproduzenten wie Constantin, Fama Film und Turnus Film, Gewinner des internationalen Script-Contests von DreamAgo und Autor des neuen US-Films von Mauro Borelli.


Konzeptor, Autor und Realisator von Werbe- und Industriefilmen. Für wirksame Spots an Messeauftritten oder Bewegtbild auf Firmenwebseiten.


Realisation von Event-Filmen: als filmische Dokumentation von Firmenanlass und Produktlaunch, ideal zur viralen Verwendung auf Social Media.  


Script-Autor für nationales und regionales Radio: Realisation neuer Comedy-Sendungen und Texter des regelmässigen News-Quiz.


Pulp Fiction für die deutschen Serien-Verlage Bastei und Kelter, unter anderem für die Langzeit-Serie mit Millionenauflage "Jerry Cotton".

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